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The Kafka world is an amazing one with many layers and hidden meanings. Discover the life and works of Franz Kafka.

Kafka Garden is my humble homage to the man I think is the greatest writer that has ever lived. We can discuss about style and ideas, but no other writer has ever made me feel what he did. I am a German citizen and I am lucky that I can read his work in the language it was created. Although Franz was a fluent Czecj speaker and, according to his biographers even spoke German with a Czech accent, he wrote 90% of his known work in German.

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Translating "The Metamorphosis": The Deeper Meaning In The Novella

When reading such a complex masterpiece, there are many layers to be analyzed. Some people finish it and just understand that a man has turned into a roach. This is appreciating only a little bit of what the genie of Franz Kafka was trying to communicate the world with his writing.

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the castle

The Deep Emotion Of Kafka's Final Novel "The Castle"

As with much of his work, the novel works in different levels of meaning. If you don´t dig any deeper than the text offers, you might find yourself reading a tale on bureaucracy and alienation but if you dig a little more and gain references, you will find out much more about it.

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More About Franz Kafka

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Letters To Milena

What “Letters To Milena” Reveals About Kafka’s Hidden Romantic Life?

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the trial

An Indepth Review Of Kafka’s “The Trial”

Just like it happened with The Castle, The Trial was never finished by Franz Kafka, but edited by Max Brod. The novel came out in…
The Cares Of A Family

Phylosophers And Literary Critics Still Try To Unravel Odradek In “The Cares Of A Family Man”

Odradek is… what is Odradek? Well, for starters, it is a creation of Franz Kafka and one of the main characters of a short story…

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